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Halo Halo : The Philippines' Cool Dessert for Hot Weather

There are several ways on how to relax or unwind in the Philippines especially during summertime. Feelin' the summer heat can be quenched by this cool dessert called "Halo-halo." Halo Halo [tagalog: halo-halo; english: "mixed together"] is a well-known...

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MV LOGOS HOPE Goes To Cebu: The Floating Bookstore

MV Logos Hope After its last visit here in Cebu last 2012, MV Logos Hope once again visits Cebu City and ready to welcome each one of us on board. It is docked at the Malacañang sa Sugbo berth in Pier 1, Cebu City. It is open to the public from April...

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Discover Cebu City: Places to visit/ Half Day City Tour

Roam Around The Queen City of the South From your hotels or guest houses, grab a taxi or take jeepney to get to these historical places in Cebu downtown. Highlights: Visit historical landmarks, the pilgrimage and religious icons: The Basilica del Señor...

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LARSIAN : Cebu's Famous BBQ place.

Larsian is a BBQ place located in Fuente Osmena, Cebu City, near Chong Hua Hospital. It is accessible for everyone who wants to try and dine in this famous BBQ place. According to the story,the name Larsian is a combination of the names of two sisters...

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Cebu's Finest Dried Mangoes

Cebu has its high reputation when it comes to mangoes production. Mangoes' versatility proves that the production can be turned into a different way. From fresh to processed ones, and came out in a packed style products- the Dried Mangoes. From these...

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Philippines' Sweetest Mango

Mango or "mangga" in Filipino is one of the most eaten fruits in tropical countries around the world. There are about 230 different mango varieties, but the carabao mango or known as Manila super mango is the only variety that makes the Philippines excellent...

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Fire Tree in Cebu, Philippines

Hello Summer time and Hello Fire Tree! Fire trees or Flame trees grow in tropical countries all over the world, like the Philippines. Its scientific name is Delonix regia. This flowering tree starts to bloom every April and ends in May. I started to admire...

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CEBU as the Lechon Capital of the World

Cebu's Best Lechon Cebu is known as the home of the best lechon makers and traders of the Philippines, that's why it is claimed as the Lechon Capital of the world. Additionally, American chef Anthony Bourdain acknowledged Cebu's lechon as the best one....

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Sunset occurs when the top of the sun goes below the sea-level horizon. Slowly disappearing in the western horizon because of earth's rotation. The time of sunset varies throughout the year so there's no definite time of occurrence. In the Philippines,...

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MALAPASCUA ISLAND: "The Paradise Island of the North"

How to have a wonderful escapade?Simple.This is how it goes. Miyonombre gonna take you to The Paradise Island of the North! MALAPASCUA ISLAND welcomes you! Tourists get to Malapascua Island via Cebu City. From their hotels or guest houses in Cebu City,...

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