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26 May

Halo Halo : The Philippines' Cool Dessert for Hot Weather

Published by Miyonombre

There are several ways on how to relax or unwind in the Philippines especially during summertime. Feelin' the summer heat can be quenched by this cool dessert called "Halo-halo."

Halo Halo : The Philippines' Cool Dessert for Hot Weather

Halo Halo [tagalog: halo-halo; english: "mixed together"]  is a well-known Filipino dessert with mixtures of various ingredients. It is the mixtures of shaved ice, a very fine ice that is snow-like, and evaporated milk with sugar palm fruit [vernacular: kaong], ripe plantains, boiled kidney beanscoconut sport [vernacular: macapuno],  jackfruit [vernacular: langka], sweet potato[vernacular: kamote], gulamantapiocanata de coco and pounded rice [vernacular: pinipig]. Placed in a bowl or tall clear glass and topped with ice cream and  purple yam. The ice cream melts and blends with the other ingredients which adds flavour. Long spoon is used to mix everything inside the glass thoroughly.


Halo Halo : The Philippines' Cool Dessert for Hot Weather

This Filipino concoction dessert is basically craved by the people during summer time and popular as summer treat. Having halo halo is one way on how we Filipinos cope up the intense hotness of the weather. It is made fully to give a relief.


Not so long ago, halo halo was sold along the street as refreshments. A simple start, vendors used big umbrella as their shade to the stall where all the ingredients were placed and displayed. Since it became more and more famous, the demand was surprisingly increasing from both locals and tourists. Hotels, restaurants, food chains, and food courts have now offer halo-halo all through out the year.


Halo-halo is so affordable. Prices range from Php65- Php150. Also available in different sizes and style of preparation. There's a halo-halo special which topped with several ice cream scoops of your choice and there's this ordinary halo-halo without the ice cream topped.




We now can compare the Filipino culture with halo-halo. The Philippines has been colonized three times and the culture of each invader was adapted and practiced by the Filipinos. Just like halo-halo, the mixtures of the different ingredients collide and gives a meaningful  blend.

For those who haven't tried halo-halo yet, I invite you to have a try of it and have another unique experience with this unique sweet delight treat.

Halo Halo : The Philippines' Cool Dessert for Hot Weather
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